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The situation of people with same-sex attractions in Greece

Posted on November 4, 2014 at 2:40 PM

Hello brothers in Christ.


I will try to write in a few words about the 'gay' reality here in Greece. As far as I remember myself living the gay lifestyle, I have never had faced any serious problems in expressing my homosexual feelings to the closer or wider environment. My parents both knew that I am gay. My friends from school and university and from my childhood had been informed from myself that I am gay. In the high percentage of 95 % people had accepted me like that.

Despite of what is your view about Greece which is a country that is well known for being stuck to the tradition and the old ways, like Eastern Orthodoxy, Greece is not a real homophobic country. There is no fanatism against gays and we celebrate the gay pride day as all mainstream European countries do. People respect the gay rights as the virtues of our mainstream West civilization ask to do.

Also ,not like the Islamic countries , Greece always had been little bit more 'open minded ' to those matters like homosexual love. Maybe this comes from the prechristianic past where Greeks were facing homosexual desire as a natural feeling between men that might could help their grown into adultness.

Anyway this conversation about ancient Greece and homosexuality is a topic that concerns mainly archaeologists , philosophers and all this stuff. I am not into it really. So let's talk about ssa and Greek Christian church: things are not encouraging. The Orthodoxs do not really like to talk much about these matters and of course it is a taboo thing to discuss in the ecclesiastic environment. But a few priests that have dared to daemonize homosexuality in the television, have faced a real demonic attack from gay activists that are spread in the TV. TV channel likes them because they make TV programmes juicy and people have motivation to watch TV. And some people earn money from that as you can imagine.

Finally , Greeks are not homophobic in a religious way but they are absolutely homophobic in a sexistic way. I mean that they do not try to attack gays like in the Islamic countries because of their religious believes. But they do not accept gay men like being real men. Gays are not men and for that they deserve condemnation and harassment. This is the sexistic dogma in Greece allthough in Athens things have changed a lot and people are more tolerant to the gay scene.

Thanks for reading me. I wish I helped.