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Fight, Flight, Freeze and Fawn

Posted on May 14, 2021 at 1:10 PM

Most people are aware of the first two stress reactions: the fight or flight response. Get your fists up or run for the hills.

Some still remember to count in freeze as well. Actually, this has always been a very important reaction. Think of an animal baby that is lying alone in a field. It certainly cannot fight and running is not really an option either. So it freezes. Human eyes and animal eyes usually focus on movement. We have a hard time recognizing something if it is still as a rock.

The last one is not so common: fawn. Yet many of us do it without realizing. If you can't fight, flight or freeze you fawn - meaning you become extra nice to your adversary (the one that stresses and/or threatens you), you try to give him or her as little reason to attack as possible. You become very submissive, do and say what you think is expected and pleases, are quick to apologize even if there was no mistake and go the extra mile. All so the other part won't have grounds to become angry and get at you.

It is crucial to realize these reactions as stress reactions once we show the symptoms. Only if we are aware of what is happening will we have the possibility to make a conscious effort to change things for the better and learn how to appropriately handle stress.


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Some gays or gay-friendly activists cite like-minded psychiatrists to back their cause and put down those, who assist people who do not want to act out their same-sex attractions. So how about it?

I have been taken professional training in psychology for many years now and very much appreciate this science as well as the need for it in therapy and in everyday life. However, what we see today in psychology and psychiatry is a very distorted version of it that has little to do with science and much with politics.

For hundreds of years science has seen "homosexuality" as a "disorder". All of a sudden they changed their view. Now this is nothing unheard of - it is part of science. But, if the change in view has politics as its reason and not science, we have a problem.

Today, statistics show clearly that MSM (men who have sex with men), a tiny percentage in the overall population, have an enormous percentage in the number of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). Yet, assisting those who do not want to go that way is claimed harmful.

Healing identity problems and fulfilling unmet emotional needs on the inside by mutilating healthy human bodys ("reassignment surgery on transgenders") on the outside while violating the hippocratic oath is seen as "science".

Many years ago I always wondered why so many people (especially men) with same-sex attractions all over the globe (!) have similar life stories - a nonexisting bond with their same-sex parent in childhood, emotional/verbal/physical/sexual abuse and the like. Why they all obviously try to heal their inner wounds and unmet legitimate needs with sex - probably due to lack of a better means or help from others. Just to tell them "well, if you feel like it, just do it then! Have sex with someone your own gender!" is not science, it is irresponsability and total negligence (NOT tolerance!).

Limiting scientific research by forcing a political scheme on it - hereby only allowing politically correct outcome - is not sciencee, but propagande. Yet so many scientists yield to it without having the guts to stand up to the value and standards of their profession. Some use unproven claims, evaluations, personal opinion, politics, propaganda in order to disclaim opposing views. Again: that's not science and you are not doing psychiatry, psychology, neurology or medicine a favor. Science observes and researches and does not judge or even limit observation or research.

So before you quote a psychiatrist or the like in order to back your - political! - theories, think twice if that won't backfire.