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Stumbling on the Way to Freedom

Posted on September 17, 2016 at 2:00 PM

Why do so many people with same-sex attractions stumble on the way to freedom? Here some reasons:

- So far, they used the easy fix to deal with their hurts and their legitimate unfulfilled needs. Now they are supposed to do something, which is way harder, even though it leads to a better goal, heals their hurts and really satisfies their needs. The quick fix is just too tempting at times...

- No stress- and frustration-tolerance.

- Lack of ability to set yourself a goal and pursue it - no matter what.

- Everyone around them keeps on telling them to do whatever they feel like doing. It's all about "love", right?

- Lack of a love that is bigger than the lust.

Categories: Recovery, Temptations

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