Homosexuals Anonymous

Offering Guidance, Fellowship, Care and Freedom

Dr. Douglas McIntyre

رسالة يوم الفخر العربي للمثليين السابقين و المتجهين31 تموز/يوليو

ARAB Ex-GAY / Post-Gay Pride 31 July
رسالة يوم الفخر العربي للمثليين السابقين و المتجهين31 تموز/يوليو

Gays and Lesbians (Homosexuals)
People stigmatize them
Lot folk ! Fag ! Queer !
But People Don't Know
The Reasons which
Caused their Homosexuality
They Persecute them in the Name of Religion
They Bully them with worst Words
Gays Still Live
In Our Arabian World
People think
that Gays are just freaks
or sexual creators
But they are Not like this !
They Are Humans
They Need Help from
their Community but they can not find that !
They need Change, Love , Acceptance
Care , Strengthen, Hope !
They Need YOU !
Some gays need to Change their Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions to Opposite-sex Attractions!
But some do not want to change !
Some gays are proud of their homosexual enactments
Some gays are proud to choose Change Process (Ex-Gays & Post-Gays)
and we had dedicated 31 July to
to be proud
Proud of the Spirit of God inside us
Proud of being human being
and HUMAN is honored above the creatures
Proud that we are STRONG and GORGEOUS because we've chosen CHANGE !
Proud that we are Homosexuals are approaching towards Heterosexuality !
We Didn't Choose Homosexuality but we've chosen CHANGE
You Didn't Choose Heterosexuality but you can also choose to Help !
O our Brothers ! Will You Choose (Help) ?
31 July ... Arab Ex-Gay/Post-Gay Pride Day

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